• Anna Oh

Week2) Sound walk of 712 Broadway

My team project was stared with this Idea ; How can we maximize some characteristic sound of 721 building?

When people feel tired, or sensitive, people easily feel annoyed even some sounds come from daily life. Eventually we thought we can express a feeling - very sleepy, and tired, with amplify some sound very annoyed, distort a certain sound very paranoid. Also, through series of mistakes of main character, we tried to collect unexpected sound effect - strict voice of security guard, foot steps in the stairway, dropping notebook sound, etc. Finally, this confused journey is finished with sound of falling sleep.

First of all, we made a quick draft, and checked the list of sounds that we should record.

After few trial tests, we developed the script more detail like attached below.

To more accurate sound walk, we checked all duration for each locations our script.

(For this process, we had to hundreds of times rehearsal from entrance door of Tisch to Room 50. Actually I was enjoyed this process even though it was really tough.)

After starting editing, we faced many challenged! We need lots of transition because we have many location to move. It was quiet difficult to make smooth transition when location is changed. Also, even using 'Noise reduction' effect, it was impossible to cut out some useless sound. During editing, we found out we need more extra sound recording.

(During this project, we had a meeting almost every day to record extra sound, and discuss of editing.)

At the end, we recorded full journey of script, from the door of Tisch to Room 50. Because we realized regular background noise for entire journey is important to make sound more immersive.

Now, this is our photographs for the journey. To deliver feeling of hazy and sleeping feeling, we distorted photos. Following the sounds, when main character is wake up, the photographs looks normal. But when main character falling sleep, the photographs looks more distorted and dizzying.

And this is our final map of sound walk. we decided to call it 'Insomnia'.

Also, we attached photographs for better understanding of this Sound walk.

This is our final side walk 'Insomnia'


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