• Anna Oh

Week_2) p5.js animation

During in lecture last week, I kept thinking it would be fun to make simple animation based on my previous drawing 'Rick'. So I planned which parts are going to make a moving interestingly.

This was my plan :

1) Moving pupil followed by mouse

2) Moving drooling - up and down through during playing

3) Making drawing tool - controlled by mouse for fill the colors to sketch

4) Making Poping up logo - after using mouse pressed drawing

I made a drooling move using functions of rectMode(CORNER), Height, Direction,Floor .

But the problem is I can't make moving drooling , popup typography and mouse drawing with purple color. I was trying to figure it out using if(mouseIsPressed) and function mouseDragged() for the indicated error part. But I couldn't figure it out which part is wrong.

(This is my questions for the next lecture)

My original plan was making pupil to follow mouse, but I couldn't make it this time.

This is my final sketch


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