• Anna Oh

Week5) Save the Earth!

For this week assignment, Mingla and I work together and talked about to develop our previous work- animal music controller. We'd like to make different style with animal theme, so that we decide to make an game with animal icons.

The game senario is like this ; there are dog and cat planet, and dogs and cats disperse from there planet. If there bump into each other, "Ouch" sound is playing. If they bump into same animal, for example cat contact to cat, " I like you" or " Yes" sound is playing.

Mingla started basic structure, and I added post works.

We made png demo image. Once cats and dogs are dispersed from the top, they just disappered to the bottom, so I made them bouce when they contact to the edges. I use "dist" and made speed variable.

For more fun, I make the cats and dog became huge whenever they bump into each other with "Ouch" sound. I just made their radius is getting bigger.

Also, for the more user control, I made spaceship -which is changed Earth later-. My Idea was the spaceship has to explore the space without contact dogs or cats. If spaceship hit the cats for dogs, the game is over.

So I made spaceship controlled by mouse, and when it hit the dogs or cats, the " Game over" text pops up. And later, we changed this ending message - "The earth is destroyed"

And we started combine our code, and work together in one Macbook. we adjusted mouse control elements -planets, spaceship- and replaced all the image files. And made the graphics more fun. We thought it's little bit not intuitive to play the game, we typed the instruction.

This is our final game version named 'Save the Earth'.


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