• Anna Oh

Week4) Shooting for the second group work

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Last week class, We got lots of feedback from the instructor and classmates. First feedback was our storyboard looks a bit bland. To avoid looks like receipt video, we need to add some interesting scene. Also, since the background of our storyboard is a near future, some of the classmates suggested that make our cooking Ad more Lab-like. But we think Lab setting make our project more struggle, so we decided to make our film looks more home-cook style. Because we assume that in the near future, people are going to be more enthusiastic about home-style food contradicts to modernized society. ( And we can handle the shooting for looking home cook.

To begin with reflection for our project, it was the huge challenge to shoot by just 2 people. Basically, at least we need 3 people for filming, recording the sounds, and lighting. You can see how struggling we are attached below.

Also, setting for proper amount of light was a bit difficult. We tried to use reflector and light, but it looks dark or sometimes lost detail of the light because of too much light. We cut off and simplify our original storyboards. We going to use sound for making contrast the irony of our fake food delivery service. After starting editing, we can figure it out to which scene needs to extra shooting or sound recording.

This is a part of footage of our shooting which is my favorite.

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