• Anna Oh

Week4) Sensing

For the assignment, I decided to make sensing for feeling my dog's feeling like "Telepathy".

Simple idea sketch is look like below.

Whenever I worried about my dog alone at home, I can feel what's my dog's feeling now using led lights on my wrist and Motion & Sound sensor with Circuit playground from my dog's cloth.

For this one I need to two parts of wearables; My wrist band (Gemma +Neopixel) and Dog's clothing(Circuit playground). Making this project, I need knowledge of relation of database, server and analogue output. Since I'm still learning that process, I tried to make initial prototype for this assignment. So for this assignment, I tried to make two different part of wearable work separately.


In terms of material for both side, I thought about re use dog's collar for wrist. And for the dog, since the dog stayed at home I thought very cozy clothing like pajama

-Wrist band part-

I tried to make totally basic circuit with Neopixel. It seem to be super easy. But some how it didn't work.

After browsing to solve this problem, I found out I have to choose 'USBtinyISP' for programmer. Also, Gemma doesn't have serial port. Plus, my paper circuit had a issue. So I tried use alligator clip instead of using conductive tape. After spending some time to solve it, finally can lighting up the LEDs.

-Dog's pajama part-

But problem was Circuit playground..It kept has error with uploading. I tried so many different ing, ( switch the programmer, push the reset button with different time, switch the cable,,) but I could not make that work at all.

Even I could not start Example code with circuit playground.

So I tried to the work with sewing first.

For making initial prototype, I use sock for making wrist band.

I wanted to hide the Gemma and LEDs, but regarding to the material of socks, it looks awful when I make a hole. So I just let them to reveal and stitched it.

I made a dog's clothing part by using socks too. But unfortunately, circuit playground was still not working...

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