• Anna Oh

Week3) Reflection of the sound walk.

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

It was impressive to have different types of sidewalk during class. There are two main points that I learned from other group’s projects.

First, The effect of voice instruction

The sound walk with the voice instruction is very effective to experience intuitively. Especially when the voice talked about the behind story or described vividly what I was watching at that moment, I felt like I’m in the uncanny space. Furthermore, when the voice was directing to do something for me, I realized the form of the Sound walk is the most effective interactive media by the basic way without any latest technology.

Second, The effect of sound recording used of the sense of space

When I heard some sound take turns to between left ear and right ear, the sound itself was getting more powerful, and merged naturally into where I was.

The reflection of my group work.

1) The one of the most struggling part for my group project was that making people follow intuitively the main character’s situation - very sleepy without any voice direction. Instead of voice instruction, we attached visual instruction which turned out was an obstacle to concentrate our sound walk.

2) Our journey of the sound walk was a little bit longer to describe the main character’s sleepy situation. That’s why many variables appeared in our project. As a result, it was not easy for the audience in a way we intend.

3) It was one of the things I missed that my sound walk is that the sense of space of sound recording.


Regarding all these reflections, I think we should have to make the journey shorter and easier to follow - (that means we can make more simple visual guidelines)and apply to sound direction effect which is taking turn left ear and right ear. It will be help fun to deliver our intention to the audience more immersively.

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