• Anna Oh

Week3) Walking Tracker

For this week, we discussed about creating table view controller and wire up multi view controllers. I came up with idea 'Walking tracker' for this week assignment regarding 'Tracking my behavior'. Since I started study in NYU, I spent all day sitting in front of my Mac book. Even I don't have time to go gym. So I tried to walk little bit more for daily basis. There are many walking tracking Apps, but they give me a information with numerical value. So I thought creating app for track my walking behavior with more fun aspect as a reward to trigger motivation.

Previously, I designed an app. So I used that visual design aspects. The idea is simple : When I walk, the tree will be grow. To make my UI design as much as simple I can, I just use circle for design leaves and fruit. And use simple solid colors. I created all the UI elements from Adobe, and import to the Swift.

I thought my idea is very simple to making. Unfortunately it turns out very hardcore for my skill set at this time. Furthermore, compare to p5.js, randomly generate size and color for circles is very complicated by Swift. I spent lot of time generate random color, and size and got lots of help my instructors Nien & Sebastian. First time, I tried to use random colors (attached above) and set certain value for make tone on tone colors, but I failed. So I just made 3 different function for 3 colors with random size and opacity values.

After that, I adjusted the size and location little bit more.

And the hardest part was wire up this tree data to my table view. I failed to bring the tree data to the Table view controller. I think I need to spend more time to figure it out this structure.

code here

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