• Anna Oh

Week3) Group work for p5.js

As for a first group project for p5.js, we tried to find some fun things that we can enjoy during the process. I suggest 'DJ controller' for an idea. And my groupmate Mingna added an idea Animal sound DJ controller. It turned out we pretty enjoyed our working process, it was so much fun!

For our work, we made a quick prototype for controller image and collecting all animal sounds and animal graphics. we had 4 different sounds, so we had to put a long code for defining our every variable.

(the first draft controller)

(I tested mousePressed button which control loop images.)

I tried to use mouseDragged function for slider, but I got to know 'slider' function. So I changed the code.

Of course, we had many problems. First of all, it was difficult to divide our task and combined. Sometimes, It didn't work when we put together our code. For example, I made a controller button color change when I press the mouse used if (mousePressed) function. But when we combine our code, color didn't change. Some code affected the other ones we guess, but we couldn't solve out this problem.

This is our final work.


The main function that we use are "function preload(),if (buttonstate),function mousePressed() ,if (dist)'.

I had so much fun for this work, and we'd like to add speed control function afterwards.

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