• Anna Oh

Week2) Other Mill test

For this week, I just simple test for handling for Other mill. When I watching the Ben's demo for last week, it looked not difficult but turned out it was not that simple. Somehow it was not working for calculating the depth, and sometimes 'Homing' is not working very well. I need to tested more when I have enough time to do.

First of all, I prepared

- 1/8 drill bit,

- double sided Tape, and

- 1/8 inch Acrylic piece.

Second, I made a SVG file through Adobe Illustrator. Then put the files in the Bantam Tools.

I set the Thickness, size , engrave, cutout based on my files.

I have some trouble to start 'Homing'. After spending few minutes, finally the Other mill is worked.

But the engraving parts, I could see the drill bit's trail (it was look like pattern) which makes me unhappy. If I want to make smooth engraving, I think I need to find out to use different tool. Plus, due to drill bit's thickness, it was hard to make sharp edges. For making sharp edges and simple cutting, I think laser cutting is more simple to use. ( Even Other mill made lots of dust!) I think other mill is really useful when I'm making circuit by myself.

Furthermore, If I want to covered Engraving part with opaque materials, It should be fine. But if I want to exposed engraving part itself, I think I need to figure it out to deal with the drill's pattern.

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