• Anna Oh

Week2) Create a Switch!

To be honest, I'm struggling to follow for concept including electricity, lows of Ohms, all principles of Arduino. So I tried to make some fun device with a basic structure for this homework instead of focusing on each part of the components.

My Idea was thinking switch. Most of people are familiar with expression of lighting bulbs which means Idea, considering, thinking. So I thought, what if LED light is turned on when I'm fall into thought during my task.

Here is a sketch for idea.

When people are thinking, it is natural way to cup their chin in their hand. So I thought make reaching point (chin and top side of finger) into a switch. For this idea, I made a hair piece and ring. Attached a piece of foil for each items so that showing lighting up when I'm cup my chin in my hand.

Now you can see the light when I fall into thinking.


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