• Anna Oh

Week1) Make an object with hand router

Assignment : Making an object by using hand router.

Tool : Hand router, Laser cutter,

Material : Plywood(9mm) , Acrylic (3mm)

For the first thought of this assignment, I was thinking about making something by using my leftover materials from last winter show

These are all from my last winter show.


Since I had lack of knowledge for how hand router works, I was too ambitious to make my object. Additionally, the initial idea sketch was a bit complicated combining many pieces of plywood and acrylic.

I came up some ideas with these materials and I ended up to making a cell phone stand & water glass holder for my night stand. Given that I have a habit to put a glass of water on my night stand before I go to bed, I was thinking about making some wooden coaster or plate for that.


In the process, the design was modified more simply than the idea sketch.

I used the band saw in order to make straight cut. And I already had many pieces of circle shaped acrylic that was made from a laser cutter, I just combined them with plywood pieces.

Since I was beginner of using the hand router, the engraving part for smart phone was not looking good enough even after sanding. Therefore, I changed final design aspects.


Eventually, I made two types of design by combining different shape of pieces.



Probably, it will be used more like this.

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