• Anna Oh

MixedReality_w2)Image targeting AR/MR experience

Updated: Apr 22

Last year, I had an AR map idea for a new experience for browsing student clubs or organizations for new students. Basically, the idea was if students scan the NYU torch logo outside of the school buildings, the logo will show you what kind of clubs and organizations are happening in that building (by using GPS + AR).

It was just an idea & photoshop mockup, I wanted to try it by using Unity and image recognition.

I downloaded the 3d model from Google poly and linked it to the Torch logo.

And the result was,,, failed!! Because I haven't thought about the flag can be fluttering on a windy day, (it makes hard to scan the logo) and it's hard to scan at night.

So instead of a flag, I tried a solid logo inside of Torch. (It's failed because GPS can be used inside of building)

This quick test allows me a better understanding of using AR features in outside and under certain context.

And I'm working on my thesis based on image targeting. The idea is When users scan their cosmetic item, the AR flower-shaped clock will indicate the expiration date. This is the first trial testing by using Sprite in Unity

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