• Anna Oh

Wee4) CNC Chanllege

For this week, I practice how to use CNC with Master cam and Vector works. For this project, I prepared 1/4 drill bit and 12mm plywood.

I have some problems to use Vectorworks, so instead of using Vectorworks, I use Adobe Illustrator to draw a example sketch. And I confirmed the thickness of plywood.

And it took time to used to Mastercam. Especially it was really complicated to understand 'outside cutout' and 'inside cutout'. Every function is not very familar for me, so I spent lot of time to figure it out. Luckily, the great shop staff David, he help me a lot how to use Master cam and CNC.

(Some error happened many times. We assume that the reason is maybe wrong setting for inside and outside cutout.)

We spent lots of time to figure it out to make right file. Somehow, error kept happen. After few more trial, Finally we could make right animation preview and create G1file to CNC.

But another error happened again. We could see wired runtime (23:28:59). Later we found out converting measurment mm to inch caused error. (Since I'm Korean, I used to mm. My initial file used 'mm') After editing the file, we finally set the CNC correctly.

(The greatest David helped me to set the drill bit)

After set the plywood on the CNC table by drilling, we set the origin point.

(Finally we could see the right runtime! yay)

After spending almost more than 3hours to struggle for CNC, finally we could make it work!

Since it made lots of dust, we had to vacuum during the CNC job.

Eventually, after sanding we could get a this beautiful piece!😭  

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