• Anna Oh

Wee3) Google mini coaster with Other mill

For this week, I'm planning to make a coaster for my Google mini home device. Recently, I purchase Google mini. Since I was thinking about making some Coster for putting it, I thought using other mill and my left over materials - Acrylic and plywood- is perfect for making it. I started with the Idea sketch.

Since I encountered the fascinating Graphic element from Google home's App, I came up the idea for coaster design related this Google Home's graphic elements. Even though that graphic generated by coding, I think I can apply the style for my coaster.

I put my normal coaster. It will be changed with my design by using Other mill.

I finalized my design by using Adobe Ai including colors of Acrylic that I have.

And I processed making SVG files to import them from Bantam tool software.

But I used to Adobe Ai instead of Vector Works, I used both of them.


When I exported the file from Vectorworks, the line of image became twisted, why?

Since my 1/32 drill bit is supposed to deliver for tomorrow, I tried some big part plywood that I can use 1/8 drill bit.

Then I was flustered. Because it takes too much long time to engrave it with 1/8 depth for plywood. (it was 5hr to engrave it) I was not sure about I got right setting. But it seemed to everything is right setting, so I tried cutout for out side first.

And it took almost 30min including second round.

I adjusted my sketch file to half size, but still it take time for 2hour and half for engraving.

So I decided try it hoping it works well.

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