• Anna Oh

AR_Storytelling #1)

Updated: Apr 22

AR is a great tool to reveal a hidden story on the physical space or object. It can reveal a history, uncomfortable truth, or a fictional story by adding an augmented layer. Mostly my work has been revolved around creating useful tools that mainly focused on giving people useful information. However, I'd like to broaden my perspective beyond informative yet dry content creation. Therefore, my personal goal of this class is to explore various tools as much as I can for creating an augmented story that can give a more delightful content consuming experience to users.

As a first experimental of storytelling in AR, I choose 'Wine and aromas' as a theme. First of all, I'm an avid wine lover. Second, a bottle of wine has endless stories such as the history of producer, the region, the aromas, the grape and etc. I subscribe to a wine magazine 'Wine enthusiast', so I thought a journey of wine while reading a magazine. For a quick AR prototype, we use Blippar. I used photoshop and AE for importing simple animation to Blipper.

Simple user flow 1) Give a guideline on the first page about which page users can try AR experience 2) When the user found a label of wine, users can scan the label with their AR camera 3)On top of the wine label, the aroma illustration pops up as an AR.

•Story Board

Road trip to the winery with a car. Background-music would be different for each destination. But the car-driving sound effect will be the same.

* Image Target from a magazine

* AR Interaction image-making

The result looks very messy since I couldn't cut out the black background with AE. But I could grasp a concept of how it will look like. If I have more time, it will be great that import sound effects.

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