• Anna Oh

Simple I.o.T device building- Set up

For the understanding of I.o.T structure, our assignment goal is making simple I.o.T device to connect server ( built by Instructor Don,) and track the data of something inside of ITP class.

For the starting, I Prepared MKR WIFI 1010, and DHT-11( to measure temperature and humidity), LED, and photocell sensor.

Basically I used example circuit, and I add a photocell sensor(pin A0).

Using MQTT broker,(which is Don already setup) I could send the date from my device to the server.

I could see sensor can read the data correctly form serial monitor.

Using example code (bridge to connect web server made by node.js) I could reach out the client side webpage to see my data.

Even I can control my LED from webpage. This is the moment that I finally understand how I.o.T products work! It was so interesting.

I left my I.o.T device at school, and I could track the temperature, humidity and photocell data of the school from my home. ( photocell was 700 around at daytime, but now it is 370 around. So I can guess school is dark right now)

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