• Anna Oh

Sound walk - Her black long hair

'Sound walk' is the new genre I encounter. It was not a impressive when I simply listened. I walked to Central Park with my iPhone in one hand and my sneakers that make me walk for long. As soon as pressed the play button the 'Her black long hair' I felt uncanny experience I never ever had.

To be honest, the 'Sound walk' was not a attractive concept for me. The idea of ​​listening to the sound recorded on the earphones by deliberately denying the sounds that can be heard live in that place seemed to me to be a artificial. If you have the purpose of receiving information through the audio guide of the museum, or if you re-interpret the atmosphere of the place and make it into music I can appreciate that. But it was unbelieving to me to hear the sound recorded in the place itself, in that place.

Is it because I came to the Central Park on a rainy day similar to the situation recorded?

Central Park, which I went to, is a wet texture with rain like the photographs that I took below. Every moments I walked along the recording sound, I can smell it of rain-drenched wood, even I could not distinguish whether it is reality or a part of the story.

I think 'Immersive experience' is only possible with the latest technology like VR technology. But this sound walk gives me a great deal of realization that I can have great immersive experience with just listening sound ; a very traditional technology. I came here, ITP to learn high technology and I think that high technology is a versatile tool that can give something new to people living in modern society. But still I'm able to impress with the low technology that we are familiar with and wake up the senses. This is a significant part of lesson that I realized through this side walk.

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