• Anna Oh

RESTful Control Surface

- A couple of toys (virtual or physical) that are able to say texts sent by users. - The texts are queried in a conversational manner. - Have four emotional states that the user can choose from, to say the text. Those are neutral, happy, angry, sad.

{ "talk" : 1, "text" : "Hello world !" "emotion" : "angry",


The simplest version of this project could be just one toy that says whatever is queried from the client-side.

A second version could be one where there are two toys, the client has a simple chat interface and the toys just say whatever is queried without waiting for their counterpart to finish.

The most complex one should have both toys waiting for their counterpart to finish saying their text before proceeding to say their own text.

Is up to the designers to choose if this is going to have a physical representation or a virtual one, but it would be really interesting to have a couple of toys talking to each other in a public space, holding a completely human conversation

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