• Anna Oh

Midterm for Halloween2) The kneeling Tombstone

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

After got feedbacks and discussion for our first idea, we narrowed down our idea like this;

1) As a way of to see the images, we have to decide between using screen or pinhole (we're going to decide it after user test)

2) Making headstone as a media for instruction for users and tombstone as a media give narrative interactive action for users.

3) For more reasonable experience, When user look in to tombstone, they can see the coffin and dead person's name (Instead of engraved name on top of the tombstone)

For the few decision making, we made a quick prototype using cardboards.

We made prototype for both of them - square screen and pinhole which looks below;

And made a quick images of coffin - one looks like just surface of the coffin, the second we made it looks more further, like deep in the ground.

And we try user test with our prototype.

After user test, We got to know some problem that we didn't expected.

1) Some people hate to close their face to the dirts.

2) Since this project is for Halloween show, people expected not only the images but also something surprising things when they look into the tombstone, like some spooky sound or scary moving images.

3) It's is hard to manage the hole keep clean to let people look through something when it is covered with dirts.

So we decided, using a pinhole instead of using dirts with large screen. Also, we had some feedbacks the pinhole is more effective for our project. Because only the person who use the tombstone can see what's inside secretly while other people are curious about that.

Furthermore, we tested fabricate the headstone with cardboards. We tried to make it looks more 'rust stone' after cutting edges of cardboard box, making crack by using masking tape and spraying grain texture.

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