• Anna Oh

Midterm Proposal

Updated: May 23


AR Wine Information App


When you take a wine's label( as a marker) through AR camera, you can see the AR elements

  1. Map (where the wine producer is located)

  2. Grape species

  3. Aromas

  4. Expert's evaluation

  5. Certain data related to your preferences


I have a big passion for drinking wine (probably like many people do). What I really intrigued by wine is that when it comes to its varieties such as various locations of wineries, aromas and grape species.

When I was really into learning about wine, whenever I drink wine, I always looked up the map to see where this wine comes from and tried to remember the location and characteristics. However, due to tons of information regarding wine, it's really hard to remember them every time. Furthermore, every time when I stopped by the wine shop, I always needed to look up the information from my mobile app or the internet to check which one is good to buy.

Through the AR application, I thought AR can support information immediately for a wine that I interested to buy. While helping seamless wine shopping, this AR app also could assist to acquire knowledge of wine in an organic way.

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