• Anna Oh

Week 1) Introduction & First pt.js drawing

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Eight years ago, I was first exposed to 'Processing' through one of undergraduate classes. Now we are familiar with the style of Processing, but at that time the data visualization style of processing just began to become popular. And then, when I meet the work called 'Oasis' I was totally into Processing work. I thought the data visualization style is getting bored, But the 'Oasis' was a different. When people make the pond by touching the actual soil and the pebble, people could see the beautiful creatures swimming in it. It made people to be impressed with analog sensibility combined the latest technology. Also It gave me a motivation to learn Processing. However, It turned out painful experience for me to learn Processing. Eventually I forgave up to learn it. Eventhough the word 'Processing' became a scary meaning for me, I still have desire to learn it and make something combined analogue texture with processing work. Hopefully I can make it this time.

"Oasis" by Yunsil Heo and Hyunwoo Bang


Now here is my first drawing process by p5.js.

1) For the begging of drawing, I choose 'Rick' from 'Rick and Morty' which is my favorite character. (I'd like to be a Rick for this Halloween!!)

2) I made a quick prototype sketch using Adobe illustration, and prepared RGB color code.

3) Like making 'Layers' in Adobe program, I set the order which parts have to draw first.

4) It was not a difficult to making face, neck, and shoulders with simple figures. But making 'Arc' at the certain spots was a huge challenge. I had to do many trial test for making wrinkles, eye rid and mouth.

5) Finally I could make different size of Arc after many trials but still I can't completely understand for 'Arc', That's why I made different size of wrinkle on both side of mouth.

6) After few trials, I could make eye rid using Arc. But I missed detail for the parts of nose and saliva.

7) Final drawing


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