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Garment_project) Recipe controller

Instead of using the fabric that I purchased from mood fabric, I started with the Muslim's fabric as prototyping. I tried to make a very simple pattern for my apron as a beginner in making a garment. It turned out very smart decision I ever have made.🤨 I ruined my pattern so many times. It turned out very smart decision I ever made.

This is the first round.

First of all, I fold the fabric half, and measured it 13.5 for width of Apron. Then left 5 inch for the top parts, and left 12inch from the top to waist part. And sewed the hem line ( but the machine was not working anymore, so I couldn't finish it the whole hem line). And fold it the edge for half inch.

Ironed it all the folding edges, and I used the sew machine for finish the edges. Then I made a hole to use gormets and rope type tie for the neck and waist part. But it turned out the rope is too thick and the shape became looks awkward. Accordingly, I book office hour with Sandy, she helped me out many things that I didn't know about it. (Thank you Sandy!💜)

This is the second round.

We adjust the size a little bit. And the useful tip that sandy taught me is that folding twice for the edges. That made more neat edges, and even I don't need to use the hem machine(?).

So I add 1 inch ( half inch folding for twice) for original pattern size.

The most tough parts were the angles. I needed to practice a couple of time to make it smoothly connected. .

We were trying use the metal gormmets for the tie, but when we were using hammer, the shape of gormmet is distorted. Since I need to use the punch for using gormmets, I altered the tie to another shape of ribbon. I sewed them out.

This is the basic shape of the Apron. Since the top part is too wide, I'm thinking about make it little bit narrower for third round.

I added the pocket for putting my iphone.

To test out the fabric controller, I made a small version prototype. I used conductive fabric and Flora by Adafruit. For coding part, I used the CapPin.h library and Keyboard.h library. Using those two library, I mapped out the the controllers to Keyboard ( Space, left arrow and right arrow)

CapPin.h https://github.com/moderndevice/CapSense

I had couple of issues, but finally I could control my favorite recipe video, 'Basics with Babish'

And I made it bigger to attach the apron.

For the enclosure, I added extra fabric. For the final one, I'm thinking about add some vinyl type fabric to remove dirt easily. (when I touch with my greasy hand during a cook)

Finally I can control the recipe video through my apron during a cook!


Code Here




It turned out a bit looks weird whenever I touch my belly to play the video. Maybe I need to think about it the different position of controller.


Voice recognition will be more convenient during a cook since I hold a knife or cooking utensil. I need to test it out and conduct user research.


The conductive fabric part looks a bit ugly. I need to think about the design aspect of the controller part including material.

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