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Garment Project)Idea sketch and Materials

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Since I live alone in NYC, Cooking became part of my life. I used to cook several simple recipes. However, most of time I use Youtube video or 'Tasty' App to follow some recipes. Hence, I faced some inconvenience, which is that I feel frustrated to touch my ipad or iphone screen to pause, or rewind with my dirty hand.

Especially when I busy with cook more than one dishes, the situation became more stressful. Whenever I want to pause or rewind the video, I need to wash my hand to the sink, and came back to my cooking board. This workload made me think in organic way this idea for my Garment project ' Apron that can control the recipe video'

I downloaded this simple Apron pattern from google.

My Initial idea was making some button that provide voice recipe by 5 steps.

Whenever you want to re- listen the steps, you can just push the button. But the problem was it can't be connect the video recipes. Usually I prefer video recipes that allow me to check I'm in the right track by comparing the video, I changed my ideas that can be used video recipes.

This is my Second idea. I though about Apron, almost like remote control. With simple 4 button, user can control theire video recipes to rewind, pause, play and fast forward. I thought about to add some waterproof (easy to remove the dirts) fabic for the button part. I thought which make me(or user) feel more convienience use this apron with their dirty hand.

I went to Mood fabic. After long journey of finding some proper type of fabic for my apron, I decided the canvas- denim type fabric.

I found some water proof type(?) fabric for the button parts.

And I got some accessaries for the tie and neck parts.

For the testing out the button, I got three different types of button - a conductive fabric, metalic buttons and sewable button from lilypad.

*Process will be developed*

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