• Anna Oh

MixedReality_w4) Final project proposal

Updated: May 21

For the final project, I'd like to finish one of my ongoing project which is called 'Wine finder'.

After the ITP winter show of last year, I planned to develop the AR 3D characters, but still, I haven't finished yet. Therefore, I thought this will be a great opportunity to finally finish the project and exploring more about ARKit.

Plan 1) 3D + ARkit compability testing

Since the previous version is developed by using 2D motion, I haven't tried yet for testing ARkit and C4D. So I'd like to try 3D motion( C4D) with ARkit for this final.

Plan2) OCR testing vs Image recognition

for the previous version, I used just image recognition to trigger the AR Character. But if I have to do more testing, I'd like to try text recognition.

Current process below↓

3D Character design development with Cinema 4D

Work in Progress with ARkit

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