• Anna Oh

Week3) Long journey to measuring the temperature of ITP

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

For the Final project, we need to make network of measuring temperature by creating server and client side. Since I became interested in I.o.T system, I had a curiosity for using a Raspberry Pi. Therefore, I thought this is great oppurtunity to play with Pi.( Turned out it was painful long journey...)

For the beginning, I borrow Pi zero kit from Shop (which including MCP3008).

And I started setting to micro usb card to Pi.

I got a some error when I tried to install nvm. I reset my pi but still didn't working. After several trial with rest I had no choice to format my micro usb and install from beginning...

I realized somehow error is happening without reasons. Every time I had to reboot my Pi..

After rebooting my pi, It seemed to work well. I successfully installed node example code to my pi with nano.

However, once I setup the circuit on the breadboard, serious error was showing up.

Somehow, my temperature sensor could not read right value. I check hundreds time to my circuit and code, even I changed wiring but there were nothing wrong.

I totally stuck in there. After considering this, I decided to build a enclosure interface instead of. I referenced other classmate blog which is very smart and simple way to make interface.

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