• Anna Oh

Final Idea 3

After discussing my instructor Tom, I need to change the structure of my idea to be more easy to handle it. But I still have eager to try voice recognition rather than using buttons. So I little bit change my plan look like this ;

Instead of using voice recognition from P5, I will try voice recognition module connected to Arduino. Also I keep thinking about the installation which looks linked aesthetically each other for both parts of Arduino part and p5.js(monitor part) part.

Plan for next step:

0) Finalize which cities going to be indicate for this work.

1) Voice recognition set up for 18 cities name

2) Stepper motor set up for 18 individual words

3) Set up for circuit connecting voice recognition module and stepper motor

4) Set up for p5 sketch based on world time and weather API

5) Build the serial connection between Arduino part and p5 part

6) Build the fabrication part.

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