• Anna Oh

Final) Hand made monitor riser!

This is my (messy) desk at my home. I always use extra monitor to control many program interfaces.

To adjust the height of monitor to fit my MacBook screen height, I used books to riser. One day, my friend stopped by my home and recommend to use 'Monitor riser'. Accordingly, I came up the idea of making monitor riser by myself.

First of all, I measured the height to find the best height which the bottom side of monitor

can not be covered by MacBook.


I prefer rounded shape objects rather than rectangle shape, I designed rounded riser. (it turned out looks like a bit skateboard 🤨) In terms of joinery part, I decided to choice simple joinery as possible for my mental health, so I draw the dog-bone type joinery which allow the leg to insert. Given that I have two smart phones, I made a two pockets for the left side, and made a small hole for charging my phones. For the right side, made a pockets to organize my pens and mouse. For the joinery part, I made three different tolerance to test the legs out. This time, I used only Vectorworks ( not used Adobe Illustrator )


This time, I used only 1/4 inch straight bit.

And I used 1/2 inch Birch plywood. ( But when I measured it, is was less thick than 1/2 inch)

I set the Master cam for pocket parts and cut out parts. For the first try, I choose 'Break through' '0.05' to cut out.

The simulation seemed fine, but I failed to fit my plywood to my sketch due to distance of my sketch from origin. Accordingly, I put another piece of plywood and try second round.

The second round seemed work well. I was happy about it, and I took this time-lapse video. However, somehow it took too long time to pre-sketch for spindle on top of the plywood. Given that nothing happned during the pre-sketch mode, I have a time to check my email through my smart phone. It turned out, something wrong. My plywood was not cut it through. I stopped the CNC work, and got help from my classmate.

I edited the Break through setting (0.08) from Master cam and replaced the file. However it's not cut it through again. I set the Master cam setting again (Break through 0.15), but it's not cut it through again as seen the picture above. Since I already spending almost 4hours and my classmates were waiting their turn, I had to stop it.

My previous drawing took more than hour due to many pockets, I changed my sketch. Moreover, 1/2 plywood is not thick making pockets for standing smart phones. Additionally, I make a extra holes and some stand to hold the smartphones.

This time, I set Break through '0.25' and set the Depth '-0.51'(thicker than my plywood thickness)

Voila! Finally I could get cut out pieces! A small piece was damaged because of it could not stick to the bed anymore by cutting it through. Except for that piece, I could get fine pieces from the CNC.

I used pile stick and sanding paper(60) for sanding all edges.

Let's do sanding 🤓🤓

For sanding to surface, I used 400 & 200 sanding papers.

Unfortunately, I put too much tolerance for joinery, so it's not perfectly fit and a bit wobbling. Even though it's a bit wobbling, It worked when I put my Mac Book dud to the weight of MacBook.

**Final Outcome**

Finally, I can make my desk neat and tidy. Moreover, the height of riser is perfect for arrange my Mac Bool and monitor which helpful for better neck posture as well.

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