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AR study # 5: Review '[AR]tist walk' by Apple

Updated: May 24

Thanks to one of my AR instructors SARAH ROTHBERG, I was able to experience an 'ARtist walk' by Apple. It was a great opportunity that I can shape my focused goal of diverse AR features. Since it was about 'Artwork' by using AR, it might not suitable to be analyzed with AR UX design guidance from Apple & Google that I researched last week. With that in mind, I started to analyze my experience with the AR art walk.

The onboarding process:

The ARtist walk was started from Apple 5th Ave store. All participants could download their AR app and when the coordinator checks the log-in status of all participants, we could start the walk from 5th Ave to Central Park.

The first [AR]T's takeaway:

• The effect of Using audio to enhance the immersive experience.

• How important that virtual objects with reflective surfaces show the environment for people's engagement.

(Great interaction with sound effect, a great reflection of the real environment)

The first walk was started by creating my own object. I was able to select the shape and pattern, and that object appeared in the space as a 3D floating animated shape. Since it has a high contrasted shape and pattern, it was easy to follow it. And the sound effect based on the movement was great. The peak was the final scene. when we reached the lake by following the floating object, we could see the building scale of the human-like avatar. The avatar interacted with the floating object. Since the avatar had a transparent, glass-like texture, the surroundings reflected on the body of the avatar. The scale and reflection made uncanny experience by producing a real-like yet unrealistic virtual objects. It was a very immersive experience with high engagements.

The second [AR]T's takeaway:

<By Apple>

•Minimize text in the environment. If additional information or controls are necessary, consider displaying them in screen space.Be mindful of people's safety. (Considering user's physical surroundings which can be making rapid, sweeping, or expansive motions might be dangerous.)

<By Google>

Avoid long play sessions.

(Long walk distance by following text box made me feel dizzying)

I'm not critiquing about the artist's work itself. It had an interesting concept with delightful graphics. But I felt dizzying when I have to walk a long distance by reading the text box. Even the text was pretty short, still, it made stress for me that I needed to read something by walking with my fixed eyes on my iPhone screen. Even there were a lot of people who are jogging or ride a cycle at the park, so I almost hit with them. With this experience, I was able to understand why Apple and Google suggest that minimizing text in the environment. Especially reading lot of text while walking in crowded spaces made an unsafe experience for users. Also holding my iPhone for a long time made me extremely fatigued.

The third [AR]T's takeaway:

•Minimize text in the environment.

Be mindful of people's safety. (Considering user's physical surroundings which can be making rapid, sweeping, or expansive motions might be dangerous.)

(Text-heavy AR content located at the ground made me fatigue and unsafe)

Like I mentioned above, I'm not critiquing the artist's work. I appreciated the beautiful quote with voice recording. But this work made me almost sick. I had to stop it. It had really unreadable heavy text. Even worse, the endless text located at the lower than eye level made me extremely fatigued. I often had to stop my footsteps because I felt I might hit with other people. However, the final scene was beautiful. It was well reflected with the environment of the park. Still, it has lots of text, but I didn't need to walk to see it. Standing at one location and watching interactive huge typographic not made me fatigue. It was enjoyable. With this work, I clearly realize that how minimizing text is important especially when it comes to user's mobility and safety.

The fourth [AR]T's takeaway:

Let people use direct manipulation to interact with objects when possible

•In general, keep interactions simple.

- By Apple

(It was a delightful experience that watching the interesting structure and producing AR object by simple tapping)

It was really delightful experience! First, the augmented 3D shape had an interesting 3D factory-like structure with animation, I was hard to feel boring to explore its structure. Second, I was able to create a box by simply tapping and it affected the AR 3D structure. That interaction was really interesting. I was not needed to walking or the following directions. I was able to explore the AR work as I want, which made me feel free to enjoy the work. I realized the importance of the user's control of the interaction and AR object, even more than I expected.

The fifth [AR]T's takeaway:

Offscreen exploration (Use visual or audio cues to encourage offscreen exploration.)

Multiplayer Experience (A multiplayer experience lets different users share the same AR environment.

-by Google

I was experience filtered world when I entered the portal

The fifth work was impressive. As I entered the portal, I was able to see the filtered world at my screen. And the sound also muted inside of the portal, which made me experience more immersive experience. The transition between the real-world and filtered-virtual world produced uncanny experience with very natural interaction. It inspired me to think not just object-based AR, also mapping the virtual world to the real world.

The last [AR]T's takeaway:

• The effect of Using audio to enhance the immersive experience.

• How important that virtual objects with reflective surfaces show the environment for people's engagement.

•Strive for convincing illusions when placing realistic objects.

-by Apple

(It was a good example of how AR can maximize people's AR experience in real-space as a 'spatial AR'

The final work was the peak of true 'AR't. The animation around the build and fountain with a huge scale was incredible. Since it has a transparent liquid texture, I could see the reflection of the building and sky on its surface. It was the exclusive experience that only AR can create with huge scale animation. Also, I didn't need to walk or move. Since I could just watch all the beautiful animation at my location, it was safe enough to watch huge, fast and dynamic animation.


The key takeaways from all ARt walk All artwork was beautiful. But I discovered critical considerations when it comes to the user's AR experience even it's in the 'Art' category. 1) Minimize text especially when users have to move or walk. 2) 3D graphical object can be better than text-based in AR. In Ar, reading experience easily makes user feel fatigued. I need to think about how I can well deliver information with Augmented objects by minimizing text for my future AR product. 3) Interaction with the real-world always makes unexpected yet delightful immersive experiences for users. This is my personal analysis for 6 projects of the ARt walk, so the preference of ARt works might be varied depend on users. However, I don't want to create an AR product that I can't enjoy with it myself, so this analysis will be a criterion of usability for my future AR products.

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