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AR study #2: AR Trend analysis

Updated: Apr 16

Before jumping into my AR project, I listed up the current stage of all AR-related topics. This research brought me to decided on a topic in my next posting.

• Domain use cases of AR based on contents and AR features

1. Navigation + Retail/ Shopping / Map service (Using GPS)

2. AR home improvement + Funiture (Surface dictation)

3. AR fitting + Fashion (Object dictation)

4. AR Makeup + Camera apps / Social media (Facial dictation)

5. AR storytelling + News / Ads

• Current main use cases of AR based on industries



3.Entertainment & Media


5.Collaboration (Teleport working)



8.Aerospace & Defense



• 5 Important Augmented And Virtual Reality Trends For 2019 (by Forbes)

1.AR and VR increasingly enhanced with AI (ex. CV / Snapchat)

2.VR and AR will increasingly be used in training and teaching (ex. medical student,

Employee training, military training)

3.Consumer Entertainment VR(/AR) hits the mainstream

4.VR and AR environments becoming increasingly collaborative and social ( ex. virtual

conference calls, socializing with friends)

5.AR increasingly finding its way into vehicles

Top 5 Predictions for VR/AR Breakthroughs (2019-2024)

1.Transition from PC-based to standalone mobile VR devices

2.Wide field-of-view AR displays

3.Mapping of real-world to enable persistent AR ‘mirror worlds’

4.5G mobile devices reduce latency to imperceptible levels

5.Eye-tracking and facial expressions built-in for full natural communication

• Mobile AR

•Development tools growth

- ARKit 3.0

- ARcore

•Mobile device's development

- iPhone 11 pro depth camera

- Galaxy s10 depth camera

• AR Hardware development

<AR headset>

-Microsoft /HoloLens

-DAQRI / Smart Helmet

-ODG / R7,R8

-Atheer air Glasses


<Data Goggle>

-Google Glass

-Samsung Monitorless

-Vuzix M300

-Snap / Spectacles

-Apple glasses

• AR startup (From receiving high funded to low )

1.Magic Leap

2.Niantic (AR gaming)

3.Vayyar (sensors that can track and map industrial environments in real-time, and expand its market footprint)

4.RealWear (AR wearables)

5. DigiLens

6.Mojo Vision (Display)

7.Matterport(3D camera maker)

8.North (Consumer-grade smartglasses)

9.CTRL-Labs (Brain control interface)

10.Light Field Lab(Holographic display)

• AR main player in the business

  • DAQR

  • EON. Reality Inc.

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • HTC

  • Microsoft

  • Samsung

  • Seiko Epson

  • Sony

  • Vuzix Corporation

  • Snap

Next posting of AR study might be :

  1. AR SDK analysis (AR kit VS AR core VS Vuforia) to understand current AR technologies and its limitation

  2. Web-based AR VS mobile-based AR (To better understand for the right usages of them depends on product ideas, environments)

  3. AR specific design system analysis (To better understand of accessibility for AR apps as a product / UX designer)

  4. In-depth study of specific AR product ( Pick one AR product and analysis of it)

  5. Reflection (My personal expectation of future AR products)

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