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Creative Practice Post #2: AR Trend Analysis

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Before jumping into my AR project, I listed up the current stage of all AR-related topics. This research brought me to decided on a topic which is an analysis of ARkit and ARcore for my next creative post.

• Use cases of AR based on contents and AR features

1. Navigation + Retail/ Shopping / Map service (Using GPS)

2. AR home improvement + Funiture (Surface dictation)

3. AR fitting + Fashion (Object dictation)

4. AR Makeup + Camera apps / Social media (Facial dictation)

5. AR storytelling + News / Ads

• Use cases of AR based on industries



3.Entertainment & Media


5.Collaboration (Teleport working)



8.Aerospace & Defense



• 5 Important Augmented And Virtual Reality Trends For 2019 (by Forbes)

1.AR and VR increasingly enhanced with AI (ex. CV / Snapchat)

2.VR and AR will increasingly be used in training and teaching (ex. medical student,

Employee training, military training)

3.Consumer Entertainment VR(/AR) hits the mainstream

4.VR and AR environments becoming increasingly collaborative and social ( ex. virtual

conference calls, socializing with friends)

5.AR increasingly finding its way into vehicles

Top 5 Predictions for VR/AR Breakthroughs (2019-2024)

1.Transition from PC-based to standalone mobile VR devices

2.Wide field-of-view AR displays

3.Mapping of real-world to enable persistent AR ‘mirror worlds’

4.5G mobile devices reduce latency to imperceptible levels

5.Eye-tracking and facial expressions built-in for full natural communication

• Mobile AR

•Development tools growth

- ARKit 3.0

- ARcore

•Mobile device's development

- iPhone 11 pro depth camera

- Galaxy s10 depth camera

• AR Hardware development

<AR headset>

-Microsoft /HoloLens

-DAQRI / Smart Helmet

-ODG / R7,R8

-Atheer air Glasses


<Data Goggle>

-Google Glass

-Samsung Monitorless

-Vuzix M300

-Snap / Spectacles

-Apple glasses

• AR startup (From receiving high funded to low )

1.Magic Leap

2.Niantic (AR gaming)

3.Vayyar (sensors that can track and map industrial environments in real-time, and expand its market footprint)

4.RealWear (AR wearables)

5. DigiLens

6.Mojo Vision (Display)

7.Matterport(3D camera maker)

8.North (Consumer-grade smartglasses)

9.CTRL-Labs (Brain control interface)

10.Light Field Lab(Holographic display)

• AR main player in the business

  • DAQR

  • EON. Reality Inc.

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • HTC

  • Microsoft

  • Samsung

  • Seiko Epson

  • Sony

  • Vuzix Corporation

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