• Anna Oh

AR Study#1: My favorite AR app

Updated: Apr 16

Hundreds of AR apps are created these days. But still, my all-time favorite AR app is this Penguin Navi from 2013. It had been created already 6 years ago, however, I think this app is still the best example of AR apps as an aspect of proper AR usage and user experience design.

Their approach is very intuitive and empathy. By using human's instinct that people tend to follow cute animals unconsciously, they created adorable AR a flock penguin which guides people to navigates the way of the aquarium which is very confused to find the location. Plus, by employing emerging technology - GPS based AR, motion capture- they transformed annoying user experience to entertained. Furthermore, enhance the branding value of the 'Sunshine auarium' while improving sales marketing at the same time.

My AR project journey for this term will have the same goal as the Penguin Navi has. Which is

  1. Proper AR usage as an interface ( These days, AR technology has been somewhat abused)

  2. Turn boring experiences into an exciting user experience

  3. Enhancing branding value

I'm very looking forward to what I'm able to create with AR for this fall semester!

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