• Anna Oh

AR Study #7: Object-centric & data visualizing AR products

Updated: Apr 21

For the half-year, I've been focused on studying AR with various perspectives such as AR storytelling, AR design research and AR-related business in MBA class. I was able to explore a lot of AR products for entertaining. However, I could find only a few AR consumer products which is based on useful information. My personal product goal is creating useful consumer products that can solve daily people's problems in a simple way. With that, I found myself that I'm more interested in phone-based AR products than AR glasses or goggle with easy accessibility. Recently, my friend who I worked with from my previous job launched AR apps in Korea. This had a great problem strategy yet solved the problem by maximizing AR's benefit, and it gave me inspiration for goal setting of my AR product design.

This is AR data visualization app for displaying fine dust which is hard to be seen with bare eye based on real-time.

After this project, I became interested in AR data visualization which can help people in daily life. Furthermore, after experience [AR]t walk by apple, I believed that it's better to make AR experience which is not required user's moves to get something useful information. Eventually, I decided to back to basic, which is object targeted AR experience to explore informative apps even current AR technology has lots of ways to trigger AR features.

Based on this goal, I've been developing on the AR app for helping wine beginner's wine shopping. Another idea that I have is creating an AR clock that indicates an expiration date of cosmetic products. Before I jump into the project I researched AR products based on two categories: 1) object-centric AR, 2) AR data visualization.

1) Object-centric AR

Object targeted AR experience is Object targeted AR experience has been studied in diverse ways by many developers and designers. I selected works that have informative content or unique interaction.

2) AR data visualization


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